Why Blue Matters: Otis Brayboy Takes on LoopdeLoop

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Otis Brayboy: LoopdeLoop

Thanks to Why Blue Matters for the recent feature, mentioning my submission to the LoopdeLoop animation challenge! This month, animators from around the world created looping animations based on “Food.” At the end of the month, all loops are screened to a live audience in Australia and Los Angeles, where a winner is declared!

To place your vote, click here or on the image above. Much thanks in advance!

To make mention of his works as anything less than phenomenal is an understatement. For animator as well as storyboard director and designer, Otis Brayboy, art is something that has enabled him to move a significant amount of people that range from the youth to the inner child of the most responsible of grown-ups. Chances are, whether you’re aware of it or not, you’ve seen his stuff and have been amazed.

Read the feature here.